Introducing ABiC: A New, Comprehensive MIGS

Performed as a stand-alone procedure or as an adjunct to cataract surgery, ABiC™ is a new MIGS procedure that can comprehensively restore the natural outflow pathways for your glaucoma patients.


Restore the Natural Outflow Pathways

Unlike other glaucoma treatments, which only address one or two aspects of ocular outflow, Canaloplasty works by comprehensively opening up all components of the eye’s natural outflow system to deliver a significant degree of IOP reduction.


Minimally Invasive. Maximally Effective.

Canaloplasty revitalizes all of the natural aqueous outflow channels, ensures excellent IOP reduction, and does not produce a bleb or result in bleb-related complications – providing an unprecedented level of efficacy and safety in the surgical treatment of glaucoma.


Take Control of Your Glaucoma

Canaloplasty is an advanced surgical treatment for glaucoma. It uses breakthrough microcatheter technology to enlarge your eye’s natural drainage system. Less invasive than many surgical treatments, it is the next step in the evolution of glaucoma surgery.


Canaloplasty: Restorative Glaucoma Surgery

One of the key advantages of Canaloplasty is that it works in the absence of a filtering bleb. Not only does this lead to more predictable outcomes and easier post-operative management, but it can reduce or eliminate many of the intra-operative and post-operative complications associated with trabeculectomy. Watch a video interview with glaucoma specialist Howard E. Barnebey, MD (USA), to learn about some of the key advantages of Canaloplasty, including its high safety profile. Having performed nearly 1000 procedures, Dr. Barnebey describes Canaloplasty as his “go to” procedure for glaucoma.